*  Classic Butter
(Rich butter cake with golden buttercream frosting)

*  Pure Chocolate
(Deep chocolatey cake with yummy chocolate buttercream frosting)

* Viva Vanilla
(White velvety vanilla cake with ivory vanilla buttercream frosting)

* Red Velvety Velvet
(Famous mild chocolatey flavor; stunning red cake with creamy pure cheese frosting)

* Very Strawberry
(White velvety cake with very strawberry buttercream frosting)

*  Berry Blueberry
(White velvety cake with berry blueberry buttercream frosting)

*  Milo Miloey
(Milo flavoured cake with milo miloey buttercream frosting)

*  Nutty Peanut Butter
(White velvety cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting PLUS crunchy peanut chunks)

*  Cookies & Cream
(Deep chocolatey choc cake with oreo cookies buttercream frosting)

*  Choco Choc Chip
(Deep chocolatey choc cake with ivory vanilla chocolate chip buttercream frosting)


*  Say Cheeessee Brownies
(Deep chocolate brownies with pure cheese layer)

*  Choco Choc Brownies
(Deep chocolate fudgy brownies)


*  Sugar Cookies
*  Pineapple Tart Squares
*  Strawberry Cookies (with strawberry chunks filling)
*  Cheezy Cheese Cookies
*  Nutty Peanut Butter Cookies

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